ACquisition & Collection Curation

We help you buy art. It seems easy enough, but buying an artwork that you love which will grow with you over time takes constant research and industry knowledge. 

With over 15 years of experience in the contemporary art world, Elana Eda Consulting builds and manages world-class contemporary art collections that are a reflection of their varied and wildly interesting clients. Whether you are new to collecting, or want to focus your current collection, E.E.C. works solely on behalf of you, the collector, to find pieces that best suit your tastes and interest. With a global network of top galleries and art professionals, E.E.C. will ensure that you get the right work for your collection and have the most enjoyable time throughout the process. We can help you:

  • Identify areas of interest in the contemporary art market 
  • Determine value, quality, and suitability of potential purchases
  • Negotiate and oversee gallery purchases
  • Coordinate shipping, framing, installation and documentation (see below for more details)
  • Manage your collection 
  • Privately sell your artwork 

Click here to schedule a new client meeting, and figure out if E.E.C. is a good fit for your interests.



Framing is a way to unify the work with your space, as well as protect it from potential damage. E.E.C. works with top framers in New York, Los Angeles and everywhere in between to insure that your artwork looks great and stays as safe as possible. 



Whether it's a single piece or an entire collection, E.E.C. considers your space, lighting and climate to design the best layout for your artwork. Challenging works are not an issue; E.E.C. has worked with top professionals to install complex multi-channel video art installations, paintings larger than doors and gigantic-scale outdoor sculptures safely and professionally. 


SHIPPING & Transportation

Making sure your new artwork is taken care of nail to nail is our top priority. We have over a decade of experience shipping works both down the street and around the world. E.E.C. handles every detail, from getting estimates, organizing customs details and making sure your art arrives safely, on time and within budget. 



E.E.C. wants to make sure your art is protected from the moment you take ownership. If you have a current policy E.E.C. can make sure it's compliant with your new purchase. If you're a new collector E.E.C.has an strong network of art insurance professionals that we can get estimates from until we find the best plan that fits your needs. 



Artworks occasionally get damaged. There are many reasons why it happens, and E.E.C. works with professional conservators to help fix them all. Get in contact by clicking here if you need help in this area, and we are happy to provide you with an estimate.